Class Information

Last Updated: 11/9/2020 3:34 PM

Marple Newtown pictures can be found on the Barksdale Photo Studios website:  Thank you!

Seniors - Class of 2021

Class Officers: President: Julia Fallows Vice President: Navi Singh Secretary:          Treasurer: Emily A. Reynolds

Advisors: Dennis Andrews, Tracy Jacobson


Juniors - Class of 2022

Class Officers: President: Joseph Downs Vice President: Cole Tomasco Secretary: Anthony Giordano Treasurer: Justin DiBona

Advisors:  Galen Carboni, Marty Woolery

Tentative date for Junior Class Ring Ceremony: January 22, 2021

Junior Class Rings can be ordered through Mitchel Robbins Jewelers by appointment only.  To schedule an appointment,
please contact Mitchel Robbins:

Mitchel D. Robbins Jewelers
2524 West Chester Pike
Broomall, PA  19008


Sophomores - Class of 2023

Class Officers:  President:  Ivan Byju  Vice President: Chloe Hand  Secretary: Noelle Lehrman Treasurer: Mya Coupe

Advisors:   Andrew Kane, Jennifer Cipollone


Freshmen - Class of 2024

Class Officers:  President: Nico Vitale  Vice President: Briana Kochumuttom  Secretary: Oscar Padilla Treasurer: Theodore Pilko

Advisors:   Barbara O'Neill, Keli Anderson