The links shared on this page are educational resources for teachers, students and parents in regard to programs used and resources to advance the use of technology in the classroom and at home.


Educational Online Resources

ConnectEd McGraw-Hill

Pearson SuccessNet


Core Programs

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office 2010 Tutorials

Open Source Programs

Loomis students use Microsoft Office Suite 2010 to create documents and prepare presentations throughout the course of the school year in the classroom setting. If you'd like your student to gain more experience using similar programs at home but do not have Microsoft Office, there are alternative programs available for free. Many work on both PC and Mac and can open Microsoft files.

Articles to review open source alternatives:

Learning Microsoft Office on an Open Source Alternative

5 Free Open Source Alternatives Microsoft Office

5 Best Free Word Processors Comparison Chart


Internet Safety

Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum

LESD Internet Safety

Power to Learn - Internet Smarts

Safe Internet Usage Course for Kids

Additional internet safety resources can be found on the Loomis Library Home & Catalog page.


Recommended Websites

Online websites and programs used by students for learning fun at school and home can be found on the Computer Lab page and on Mrs. O'Donnell's Loomis Library page. We encourage parents to review websites with their children.