Welcome Russell Tigers

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year at Russell Elementary School.   My name is Courtney Spinelli and I am the school counselor here at Russell! I am  looking forward to another successful and fun school year!

I am here to support your child throughout this year and throughout their time here at Russell.  Children's emotional and social issues can be a strong influence on their ability to be successful in school and during activities.  It can also affect their happiness, health, and overall quality of life.  School counseling can help students handle overwhelming feelings and/or challenging events, learn coping mechanisms and problem solving strategies, and begin to understand more about themselves and as they develop socially and emotionally. 

Throughout the year, I will meet with students individually, in small group settings, in their classrooms, and in various school activities.  As the school year progresses, more specific topics will be determined for where support is needed.  It is my hope that all staff, parents, and guardians can work together to foster the children's growth and development to ensure each child has a successful school year. 

Please always feel free to contact me at 610-359-4310 ext 8212, by email at cspinelli@mnsd.org.  I look forward to watching your children grow and learn in the upcoming year at Russell Elementary!


Mrs. Courtney Spinelli, M.Ed