Curriculum & Instruction

Dr. Constance E. Bompadre, Assistant Superintendent


Mrs. Donna Reynolds, Secretary to the Asst. Superintendent

  • 610-359-4264


Teaching & Learning Team

Dr. Dorie Martin-Pitone, Director of Teaching and Learning
                                            Federal Programs Coordinator

         Mrs. Janeen Corsones, Accounting Clerk, Federal Programs

Mr. Matthew Flood, Supervisor of Teaching and Learning for Humanities and the Arts

Mr. Matthew Oberecker, Supervisor of Teaching and Learning: STEM

Mrs. Rosemarie Vannicolo, Curriculum Secretary

  • 610-359-4224

The Marple Newtown teachers have embarked on a journey of writing rigorous curriculum for grades K-8. This work was informed by an internal needs assessment and an external audit conducted by the Delaware County Intermediate Unit. The work of Larry Ainsworth has been instrumental in this process- this is not a rigid, prescriptive procedure, but rather an opportunity for learning, adapting, and improving. This preserves fidelity to the process, encourages flexibility, and promotes local ownership. Click here to watch a video production summarizing the teachers' journey. 



           Math               ELA     

                        Math                                English & Language Arts 

            Science                           Social Studies

                      Science                                     Social Studies