School Safety and Security


Barry Williams
Director of School Safety

District Safety Team

5 District Security Guards. (3 full-time, 2 part-time)

All five security guards are scheduled, as needed, in our respective
schools and are assigned to after-hours events for sporting,
performing arts and other school-sponsored events.




2 School Resource Police Officers

Officer Jeff Johnson of Newtown Square Police
Department is assigned to both Marple Newtown
High School and Culbertson Elementary school.


Officer John Murrin of Marple Township Police
Department is assigned to Paxon Hollow Middle
School and Loomis, Russell and Worrall
Elementary Schools.



For any questions related to school safety and security or if there is any security concern that you would like to voice, please contact Barry Williams.  In case of an emergency, immediately call 911 or report an event using the district's Safe2Say program.

Threat Assessment Team

The MNSD Threat Assessment Team is comprised of district employees who review incidents of threatening behavior and identify, evaluate, and to address risks of potential harm to the school community. The goals of this team are to keep our schools and all members of our school community safe, to intervene when it appears a student may be at risk of being at threat to others, self-harm, or suicide. 

MNSD leadership team members include:

  • Dr. Tina Kane, Superintendent
  • Dr. Joel DiBartolomeo, Assistant Superintendent
  • Mr. Neil Evans, Interim Director of Pupil Services
  • Barry Williams, Director of School Safety
  • John Beltrante, Principal, Marple Newtown High School
  • Dr. Thomas Gretchen, Principal, Paxon Hollow Middle School
  • Jaime Smythe, Principal, Elementary School
  • Ad Hoc members of the MNSD leadership team will include, school principals, assistant principals, pupil service personnel, school psychologists, school counselors, home and school visitor, school nurses, Student Assistant Program team leaders, School Resources Officers, and school security. Other district employees, outside agencies, and local law enforcement may be included as needed.


Safe 2 Say Program FAQs

  • MNSD launched the S2S Program in January 2019.
  • This program was implemented by parents of the victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting who decided that something had to be put in place where anyone, at any time, could forward any valid  concerns 24/7 in an anonymous format.

Mission Statement:

To ensure the district-wide safety and security of all of our staff/students/visitors within the boundaries of all of our district's six school buildings, transportation facilities and administrative building.  To plan, develop and constantly upgrade safety policies under the guidance of the Marple Newtown Board of School Directors and the Superintendent of schools. To collaborate with all district administrative staff and local law enforcement, when needed, and to maintain an open door policy with all students and staff when called upon for any type of assistance.