Teaching & Learning

Assistant Superintendent 

Dr. Constance E. Bompadre​​​​​​

Assistant Superintendent
Phone: 610-359-4284
Email: cbompadre@mnsd.org
Mrs. Donna Reynolds

Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent

Phone: 610-359-4264
Email: dreynolds@mnsd.org


Teaching & Learning Team

Dr. Dorie Martin-Pitone

Director of Teaching and Learning, Federal Programs Coordinator

Phone: 610-359-4278
Email: dmartin-pitone@mnsd.org

Mr. Matthew Flood

Supervisor of Humanities and Integrated Arts

Phone: 610-359-4234
Email: mflood@mnsd.org

Mr. Matthew Oberecker

Supervisor of Technology, Innovation & STEM
Phone: 610-359-4236
Email: moberecker@mnsd.org

Mrs. Janeen Corsones

Accounting Clerk, Federal Programs
Phone: 610-359-4264
Email: jcorsones@mnsd.org

Mrs. Rosemarie Vannicolo

Secretary to the Office of Teaching and Learning
Phone: 610-359-4224
Email: rvannicolo@mnsd.org