Registration Information

Change of Address

If you or your child has moved within the Marple Newtown School District, you must immediately notify your home school and provide the following documentation to your school or the Registration Office. 

Note - Parents/Guardians, and students must physically reside in the Marple Newtown School District.

The following items must be completed, and you must provide the required documentation for the change of address process to be finalized:

You must also provide the following:

  1. Proof of Residency: Residency is demonstrated by presenting a Deed, current Real Estate Tax Bill, or current Lease and ​​​​​​two of the following with your name and address; Utility Bill (PECO, AQUA, etc.), Cable Bill (Verizon, Comcast, etc.), Bank / Credit Card Statement, Insurance Statement, etc.   
  2. Copy of your Driver's License
  3. Start Date of New Address

In addition, you may need to update the following forms:

Parents and Guardians own the burden of proof in establishing current legal residency. 

Custodial Guardianship

(see section “Students not Residing with a Parent – section 1302)

When a resident of the school district keeps in their home a child of school age not their own and requests registration of such child, the resident will be required to provide proof of legal guardianship at the time of registration.

Marple Newtown School District requires that appropriate legal documentation showing dependency or guardianship or a sworn statement of full residential support be filed at registration before an eligible nonresident student may be accepted as a student in district schools. Marple Newtown School District may require a resident to submit additional, reasonable information to substantiate a sworn statement, in accordance with guidelines issued by the PA Department of Education.

In addition, Marple Newtown School District requests a copy of completed IRS form transferring tax exemption of child to resident, or a copy of Federal or State tax form which lists child as a dependent of the resident, or a copy of completed County form transferring child support payments to resident.

Custody Agreements

When the parents of a student reside in different school districts, the student may attend school in the district of residence of the parent with whom the student lives for a majority of the time, unless a court order or court approved custody agreement specifies otherwise. The custody agreement or court order must be presented at the time of registration.

If the parents of a student share joint custody and time is evenly divided, the parents may choose which of the two (2) school districts the student will enroll in for the school year. The custody agreement must be presented at the time of registration.

If the student is an emancipated minor, the resident school district shall be the one in which the student is then living.

Foster Children

When a non-resident child is placed in the home of a resident of the school district by order of the court, or by arrangement with an association, agency, or institution having care of neglected or dependent children, the resident is required to present a placement letter from the agency, association, or institution.

The resident must meet all the residency requirements (see Proof of Residency) and provide the student’s proof of age document and immunization records.

Immunizations and Health History 

In accordance with the Pennsylvania Department of Health regulations, your child will not be admitted to school until immunization is in compliance with the stated law. Information on required school immunizations can be found on the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s website.

Students must have a complete physical examination upon the first day of original entry into school (kindergarten or first grade), grade six and grade eleven and at the nurse’s discretion. Also, a physical examination is required for students new to Pennsylvania.

The Public School Code of Pennsylvania requires all children to have a dental examination original entry into school (kindergarten or grade 1), and another in grades 3 and 7, and for transfer students.

Multiple Occupancy

Multiple Occupancy Affidavits are required when a parent/guardian is residing with a Marple Newtown School District resident (including family members) The student’s registration will be considered incomplete until all documents are presented.

The Multiple Occupancy Registration process contains two affidavits:  (1)  an Application for Multiple Occupancy that is completed by the child’s parent / guardian; and

(2) the Certificate of Multiple Occupancy that is completed by the Marple Newtown resident with whom you reside. These forms must be notarized. The affidavits indicate that the parent and the Homeowner/Lessee are both responsible for the tuition should the student be dis-enrolled for non-residency.

All Multiple Occupancy Affidavits are reviewed by the Marple Newtown School Districts Home and School Visitor.

Township code enforcement officers may be contacted to verify multiple living arrangements. The homeowner/lessee will be required to verify ownership and provide the necessary forms of documentation and identification. 

Proof of residency and Identification documents:

  1. Deed, current Real Estate Tax Bill or current Lease  and
  2. Two recent bills or statements which show name and address (e.g. PECO, AQUA, insurance statement, financial statement, etc. )
  3. Valid PA driver’s license, DOT ID card, or other photo identification.
  1. Two recent bills or statements which show name and address (e.g. PECO, AQUA, insurance statement, financial statement, etc. )
  2. Valid PA driver’s license, DOT ID card, or other photo identification.

Multiple Occupancy Affidavits must be updated before the start of every school year.

Click here to download the Multiple Occupancy Affidavits

Click here to download the Permission to Reside Rental Properties Form

Students Not Residing with a Parent - Section 1302

Excerpt from the School Laws of Pennsylvania, Section 1302.

When a child is living with a district resident, whose parents or guardians reside elsewhere, you must complete a sworn and notarized statement. This form constitutes a sworn statement that you are providing gratis support to the school-age child as if they were your own, and the living arrangement is continuous and not just for the school year or solely for attending school in Marple Newtown. Further the resident accepts all responsibilities relating to the child’s schooling. The affidavit must be completed each year for the child and submitted with proof of residency.

Appropriate legal documentation for dependency or guardianship, or a custody order may be filed in lieu of the sworn statement. 

Click here to download the Sworn Statement by Resident

Click here to download the Notice to Residents filing a sworn affidavit


Parents/Guardians of students withdrawing from school should notify their home school to complete the required form. All district-owned supplies and equipment in the possession of the student must be returned.

Records will be mailed upon receipt of a request from the new school and the return of all school property. No records will be released without a parent’s/guardian’s signature of consent which is obtained during the withdrawal process.