Registration Information

Depending on residency situations, the following documents may be needed:

Change of Address

There is certain information needed for all students, and we must ask you to complete several forms for your change of address. Some of this information may have been collected elsewhere for your child, however, unless you brought the records with you to the Registration Office, we will need the information again in order to make the process complete. We appreciate your cooperation.

When you have completed or obtained all necessary documentation, please call (610) 359-4260 to schedule an appointment in the Registration Office. Appointments are only scheduled on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday from 9 a.m. until noon (12:00 p.m.). The appointment should only take 5-10 minutes. Your change will be entered into the computer within two (2) school days after all the necessary documents have been submitted.

The following items must be completed for the change of address process to be finalized:

You MUST provide the following documentation during your appointment:

  • Proof of Residency - deed OR current school real estate tax bill OR current lease agreement AND current utility bills – phone, cable, and electric

In addition (depending on your situation) the following documents may be needed:

New proof of residency is required.

Prospective Residents

Students whose parents/guardians intend in good faith to establish residency within the district prior to the end of the first semester of a school term may be permitted, upon written request submitted to the Superintendent and approved by the Board, to attend school from the beginning of that term provided. 

However, if the parents/guardians have not established residency within the district prior to the end of the first semester, as determined by the Superintendent or his/her designee upon submission of appropriate evidence of residency and upon compliance with all other enrollment procedures, the Board may either charge tuition for some or all of the period of attendance or dismiss the student.  Students permitted to attend in accordance with this subsection are not entitled as a matter of right to such attendance and are dismissible at will by the Board.

Attendance in accordance with this policy shall be conditioned upon full compliance with all enrollment procedures and policies applicable to district residents and upon submission of satisfactory evidence of immunization or establishment of lawful cause for exemption from immunization requirements.

Custodial guardianship

When a resident of the school district keeps in his/her home a child of school age not his/her own and requests registration of such child, the resident will be required to provide proof of legal guardianship at the time of registration. A copy of completed IRS form transferring tax exemption of child to resident, or a copy of Federal or State tax form which lists child as a dependent of the resident, or copy of completed County form transferring child support payments to resident.

Foster Children

When a non-resident child is placed in the home of a resident of the school district by order of the court or by arrangement with an association, agency, or institution having care of neglected or dependent children, the resident is required to present a placement letter from the agency, association, or institution. The resident must meet all the residency requirements (see above) and prove immunization and proof of age documents.


In accordance with the Pennsylvania Department of Health regulations, your child will not be admitted to school until immunization is in compliance with the stated law. The Health Services website contains more detailed information about immunizations and other health services.

Registration Requirements

The Parent or legal guardian must present ALL of the following documents at the time of registration.  The student’s registration will be considered incomplete until all the documents are presented. The parent/guardian must personally complete the registration process at the Registration Office.

Parent/Guardian Proof of Residency:
The parent/guardian must present proof of ownership in the district. Acceptable documents: Deed, current real estate tax bill, mortgage payment statement.

If the parent/guardian leases a property. The parent/guardian’s and all occupants names must be designated on the lease. (The landlord’s name, address and telephone number shall be on the lease or made available to the district). When no current lease is available, a notarized statement from the homeowner, leasing agent or apartment manager stating that the parent/guardian and student(s) reside at the stated address is required. The district for verification may contact the landlord, real estate company or apartment manager.

Multiple Occupancy Affidavits are required when a parent/guardian is residing with relatives or other families. THE PARENT AND THE HOMEOWNER/LEASEE EACH MUST COMPLETE A Multiple Occupancy Affidavit (a sworn statement attesting to the parent and students residency).

These forms must be notarized. The affidavits indicate that the parent and the Homeowner/Leasee are both responsible for the tuition should the student be disenrolled for non-residency.

All Multiple Occupancy Affidavits are reviewed by the Marple Newtown School Districts Home and School Visitor.

Township code enforcement officers may be contacted to verify multiple living arrangements. The homeowner/lessee will be required to verify ownership and provide the necessary forms of documentation and identification.

Multiple Occupancy Affidavits must be updated before the start of the every school year.

Nonresident: A district resident who houses and continuously fully supports a child not his/her own (except an orphan receiving Social Security), may, upon presentation of dependency affidavit enroll a child in the district.

Identification: The parent/guardian must present FOUR forms of identification: A valid Pennsylvania driver’s license. DOT identification card or other photo identification and deed/lease or a current property tax bill, plus phone and cable bill.

Proof of the child’s age.  Any one of the following constitutes acceptable documentation: original birth certificate; notarized copy of birth certificate; baptismal certificate; a valid passport; a prior school record indicating the date of birth.

Immunizations required by law.  Acceptable documentation includes: either the child’s immunization record, a written statement from the former school district or from a medical office that the required immunizations have been administered, or that a required series is in progress, or a verbal assurances from the former school district
   or a medical office that the required immunizations have been completed, with records to follow.

Parental Registration Statement (must be notarized).

Home Language Survey

Parents/Guardian, Students must physically reside in the Marple Newtown School District.