Mission & Vision


The mission of the Marple Newtown School District is to provide rigorous educational opportunities for all students in a safe, healthy, and responsive learning environment through a collaborative commitment to involve students, staff, families and community.  In pursuit of this mission, Marple Newtown School District will prepare students for responsible citizenship in a rapidly changing world.



The purpose of our organization is to have every department in the district working together to support the above mission and to have all students succeed academically and socially to attain their goals and graduate from the Marple Newtown School District. 


Vision: For all students…

  • Learning is engaging, meaningful and relevant
  • Individual differences are respected
  • Interests and aspirations are honored
  • Availability of and access to necessary resources are ensured
  • Innovative thinking and application to learning will equip them for life
  • Educational experiences will foster a commitment of service to others

Shared Values: We believe...

  • Students are entitled to a safe, caring learning environment which provides for interpersonal relationships, healthy lifestyles, leading-edge resources and high-qualified staff
  • It is the responsibility of the district to provide an educational environment that embodies autonomy, purpose, and mastery that students need to succeed in a global community
  • All students can learn
  • It is essential to recruit, retain and revere high quality staff
  • Collaboration between parents, educators and the community plays an integral role in student success
  • Education of our youth occurs through the supported and shared leadership of all stakeholders