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MN ConnectEd FAQ

Who is eligible to enroll in the MN ConnectEd Cyber School?
Any student in grades K-12 that resides within the Marple Newtown School District attendance area is eligible to enroll.

When will MN ConnectEd Cyber School open?
MN ConnectEd is accepting registrations for the 2022-2023 school year through August 18th.  Cyber school begins on Monday, August 15th (approximately one month before in-person schooling begins in MNSD) and ends on Thursday, May 18th. 

Who are the teachers in the MN ConnectEd Cyber School?
In partnership with Edmentum, we have developed a K-12 virtual school solution that is rigorous, engaging, and built to state and national standards.  All of the courses are taught online by highly qualified, state-certified teachers experienced in virtual instruction.  Edmentum teachers have expertise in engaging and connecting learning to real-life experiences and are committed to creating opportunities for successful student outcomes.

How do I register my child for MN ConnectEd Cyber School?
Contact your building principal or Dr. Joel DiBartolomeo (, Assistant Superintendent, to start the registration process.

What courses can my child take online?
Through a partnership with Edmentum, we are proud to offer a comprehensive K-12 curriculum (over 400 courses) and diagnostic assessment correlated to rigorous state and national standards.

What technology resources will be used in the MN ConnectEd Cyber School?
Cyber students to access online content remotely from an MNSD laptop and/or personal device.  Online instruction will be delivered in both live (via Zoom) and self-paced (asynchronous) formats in Edmentum.  Additionally, cyber teachers supplement their instruction with engaging technology tools like BrainPOP. 

Will there be a virtual "open house" for parents?
Yes, parents are invited to an MN ConnectEd Cyber School information session on Wednesday, July 27th at 9:00am and again at 6:00pm.   A recording of the tour can be accessed here: link to recording // passcode = hA?!e90z  
What if my child wants to re-enter their in-person school?
While we encourage our cyber students to remain enrolled in the MN ConnectEd Cyber School for the entire school year, we can accommodate students that want to return to their in-person classroom at the beginning of a new semester (grades 6-12) or trimester (grades K-5).

How will attendance be taken?
Per MNSD policy 204, cyber students are required to log in to all of their classes each day in order to be considered in attendance (“present”). 

Does my child still have to take the PSSA and Keystone exams?
Yes, state assessments are still required for our cyber students. Students in grades 3-8 (PSSA) and Keystone testers will take state assessments in-person at their home schools.

What will a typical day be like for my child in the MN ConnectEd Cyber School?
Students enrolled in this program will learn from a combination of live instruction (via Zoom) from online teachers and asynchronous ("self-paced") activities.  They learn using online instructional materials, adaptive software, and -- most importantly-- one or more adults involved in their education.  Please note that our younger cyber students will likely need parental and/or guardian support in order to be successful.